What is a blusher veil?

What is a blusher veil?

A blusher veil is a wedding veil that has veiling that falls over the face for the wedding ceremony, creating an ethereal romantic look. The veil is lifted back during the ceremony and this creates a pretty two tier effect for the veil. A blusher veil can be a drop veil, which is a simple veil with no gathers, simply dropped over the head.  

Wedding veils with a blusher, Truro, Cornwall, UK

It can also be a gathered fuller veil

Blusher veils, Truro Cornwall, UK veils

It is possible to order veils from me with an exact length to suit you. This also applies to the blusher. Most brides wear them to finish at around bust height or a tiny bit below and the best blusher length for that can vary depending on how you are styling the veil and where on the head you attach the veil comb - high or low.

It is also becoming a bit of a fashion to have quite a long blusher, to the waist or slightly lower, even carrying the bouquet below it, which gives a deeply romantic and ethereal look.

These veils can be tried on at my studio in Truro, Cornwall

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